Wireforming & Coiling

Precision Mandrels, Wires and Tube Components for Medical Devices

laser welded coil
Wireforms - Tullamed

Coils and wireforms are produced using our precision wires; continuous coils to support wires in medical devices, to small wire-end hooks for packaging mandrels and special formed shapes. These are made from wires from 0.004” diameter to 0.080” diameter.

Continuous coil flat wire


Miniature coils, wound from stainless steel wire or stainless steel flat wire, are used in a number of different applications:


Micro-coils are made in long lengths by winding fine wire, down to 0.001” diameter, around a mandrel on a specialist coil winding machine. Micro-coils are used to manufacture catheters, guide wires, electrodes or other specialised medical device components. We laser weld such micro-coils to rigid machined end fittings, rods or hypotube components.

Precision wireform


Micro-springs are made by careful manipulation of the wire as it is fed through guides, then it is coiled backwards into a spring shape, which rotates as it grows in length to form the final coil length. The wire is then cropped and the finished product.


Forming machines are used to create tension springs, torsion springs and wireforms. Bends and hoops are formed as well as a standard spring coil. For special applications, we manufacture our own custom wire forming machines, using pneumatic activators to hold, coil, bend and twist individual wires into their final shapes.

Laser cut slit mandrel
Laser cut hypotubes

Laser cut tube spirals


An alternative method of manufacturing coils is by laser cutting hypotube. Laser cutting provides greater flexibility than the other methods described, as spiral cuts allow variable rigidity in the finished stainless steel coil.

 Secondary processing


Microcoils, springs, wireforms and laser cut tubes are often required to be grit-blasted, PTFE coated or laser welded to neighbouring components in order for us to supply a finished product. 

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