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Precision Mandrels, Wires and Tube Components for Medical Devices

Precision Mandrels, Wires And Tube Components For Medical Devices
Precision Mandrels, Wires and Tube Components for Medical Devices

Precision Wire And Hypotube Components For Medical Devices And Scientific Instruments

Based in County Clare, Ireland, and Oxford, UK,  we research, develop and refine precision manufacturing processes for ultra-precise mandrels and other speciality wire and hypotube based components, made from stainless steels, nitinol and other special metals and alloys.

Our manufacturing capability encompasses wire and hypotube straightening, cutting, centreless grinding and end-rounding and deburring. We thereby produce extremely straight wires and hypotubes down to 0.012″ diameter. 

Thereafter, we have the capability both to form wires into specialised shapes defined by our customers, and to abrasive blast and modify the surface of tubes and wires for subsequent moulding. We also PTFE coat wires and hypotubes if required. 

Our precision pulsed laser welding capability is used in order to assist customers with specialised laser welded sub-assemblies made from stainless steels or other substrates.   

We develop unique manufacturing processes for products used by medical device, sensor and other scientific instrument manufacturers. We welcome your call or message via our Contact form to discuss how we might help you.


Precision Mandrels, Wires And Tube Components For Medical Devices

Precision Mandrels, Wires and Tube Components for Medical Devices

Quality Management System BS EN ISO 9001:2015

“At Tullamed we operate our Quality System to ISO 9001: 2015 which sets our standards for customer focus, process approach and continuous improvement.

Using ISO 9001 helps ensure that our customers get consistent, good-quality products and services, which in turn brings many business benefits to our customers and to ourselves.

Our Quality Policy encourages efficient use of materials, conservation of energy and correct disposal of materials to support the environment. It encourages us to continually train and develop our employees to provide for a versatile, competent workforce. It enables us to establish key process measures and monitor performance against set KPIs. We continually improve on the effectiveness of our quality management system through setting of Improvement objectives”.

Twenty six different procedures guide our working methodology, and our compliance with these is regularly audited internally and, annually, by our approval body CRL. They include procedures for controlling documents and records, schedules and methods for internal audits and management reviews. Our procedures for controlling non-conforming product, corrective and preventive actions and complaint handling are detailed. Contract review, through to works order management, production planning and control and product realization are covered within our quality management system. Our purchasing procedures invoke vendor sourcing and monitoring procedures. Goods are labelled, stored and used according to procedures laid down; traceability through the system is provided for. Goods are inspected as they arrive on site, through production and final inspections are documented as described in our QMS. Staff are recruited, trained and assessed according to the appropriate procedures. Our planning and risk management procedures provide the way for viewing forward and assessing risks inherent in the business.


Precision Mandrels, Wires and Tube Components for Medical Devices

Albert O’Halloran - CEO - Tullamed

Albert O’Halloran

Jim Fyfe Tullamed Export Sales Manager

Jim Fife

Export Sales
Johan - Technical Manager

Johan Pretorius

Technical Manager
Bernie - tullamed Technologies staff

Bernadette O’Halloran

Administration Manager
Peter- Tullamed Technologies


Machine Operations

The founders of Tullamed, who manage the enterprise, are two precision engineering industry veterans. Jim founded and ran Attica Components, a UK based manufacturer of laser processed and CNC machined parts until its sale in 2016, and Albert gained his experience in wire processing and sales in the Irish medical device market. 

Jim explains:

“We established Tullamed in 2020 to manufacture high precision metal wire and tube components, focussing on stainless steel and nitinol mandrels for catheter manufacture in the medical device sector. Our customers also ask us to supply related products including inflation mandrels, shipping mandrels, guide wires, core wires and special needles. Interventional and surgical metal tube and wire products requiring specialist manufacturing processes are our domain. Helping engineers to convert their design ideas into first class products is our forte.

Our Irish production facility processes wire and tube into finished parts by straightening, cutting, forming, centreless grinding and PTFE coating. We have specialist machining processes for grooved and shaped mandrels. Joining processes including laser welding and laser cutting are also offered. Our Oxford, UK plant carries out process development activities including laser processes and machine, jig & tooling manufacture and development”.

Albert continues:

“Our ambition is to create a business which meets the needs of the medical device industry for precision wire and tube components. Developing novel processes to enable quick and accurate manufacturing of both prototype and production quantities is at the heart of the business.

Our web store provides an opportunity for customers to buy “off-the-shelf” product. For specialist products, Tullamed’s methodology is to work with customers to develop new products. Beginning with precision wire and tube, these are centreless ground, cut, tapered, machined, coated or joined to other parts by the most appropriate processes to create superb finished components and assemblies”.

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