Components & Subassemblies

Precision Mandrels, Wires and Tube Components for Medical Devices

Assembly Tullamed Technologies
Mandrel in hub

Our assembly facilities allow us to complete subassemblies used in the medical device arena, such as inflation mandrels, or other devices requiring fixing of a hub or luer to a tube assembly by UV-cured epoxy or other adhesive methods. Intricate designs of needles, activators, biopsy probes, catheter components and other implantable medical devices require a clean, integrated, well managed facility. Our assembly area complements our existing facility for producing complex wire and hypotube components. Whether as a precursor to laser welding of hypotubes or other miniature assemblies, adhesion, or crimping operations, our operators ensure precise adherence to process. We help customers develop novel endoscopic and catheter assemblies by supplying complex and carefully made assemblies.  

Our expertise in laser cutting hypotube and laser welding provides us with the opportunity to offer customers pull-ring and wire assemblies. 

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