Components & Subassemblies

Precision Mandrels, Wires and Tube Components for Medical Devices

Component assembly
Mandrel in hub

Surgical access and delivery systems, including catheters, stent delivery systems, electrode and sensor delivery systems require superior quality wire-based systems. We are here to help medical device designers requiring flexibility in both thought and process to manufacture novel components and subassemblies. 

Probe assembly
Laser welded assembly
Hub assembly




We manufacture mandrels, pull wires, hypotubes, core wires, stiffening wires, ground wires, and stylets used for access and delivery systems. Whether from stainless steel, nitinol, titanium, platinum, tungsten, niobium or other exotic metals, we produce micro-components to micron tolerances. Our precision grinding, cutting and machining equipment allows us to provide customers with the quality which they require in fast turnaround times.



We use processes of micro-welding by laser, crimping, vacuum brazing and epoxy-adhesive to secure subassemblies. Individual components are keyed, ready for subsequent injection moulding or adhesive processes, by grit-blasting, forming or machining. 

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